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Kyle MorrowAbout the Author:

After getting her MA in Creative Writing in 2011 and after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, Kyle Morrow knew she could write a much better novel. She created a new genre, rodeo erotica, when she wrote Belt Buckle Bunny, the term that refers to the young cowgirls who have sex with the young cowboys who win a rodeo buckle. In her other two novels, the author uses fictitious Native American characters using her teaching experience— she taught Inupiat, Siberian Yupik, & Yup’ik Eskimo Students in Alaska, and students of Assiniboine and Gros Ventre descent on the Fort Belknap Reservation.

Raised in a fifth-generation, Montana ranch family in the isolated Missouri River Breaks, Morrow uses the idiomatic language of rural Montana in her fast-paced romances. Like she says, ‘Growing up, I would ride my horse, daydream and get lost in books. I started writing young and writing has remained my passion. My goal is to be the Montana author people want to read to give them an authentic escape into to our western way of life, how we talk, interact, what we do for fun, and what we find funny.’

You can find out more about her and her books on these links:

Belt Buckle Bunny by C. Pussy Buck

A Shiv Sheehan Montana Romance— Irish angst to cure her lonesome drives the story

Available in paperback and E-book on Amazon

Shiv Sheehan writes rodeo erotica under the pseudonym C. Pussy Buck. As writer of fiction, she could imagine a love triangle and chaotic mayhem after finding a dead body. But herself being caught up in the convoluted haps after the Haywire rodeo ended, that she could not imagine. Nor could Shiv ever see herself crawling toward a man. Four on the floor and crawling toward a bullrider named Ram, a sitting god with the compelling pull and sexual arts to finger her limp.

How she did the cowgirl crawl— she wore her white cowboy hat. Her intention? to be the good girl. She also wore her shortest Levi cut-offs, a halter-top cut indecently low, and roper boots to chase the cowboy down, throw him to the ground, cure her lonesome. She found the shithead reading her bestseller Bullriders EAT Belt-Buckle Bunnies. Placing both hands her hips, the angry cowgirl said, ‘Hey, Shithead!’

Black Iron Brandy cover by CaligraphicsBlack Iron Brandy

A Cat McKinna Montana Romance

Available in paperback and E-book on Amazon

That first summer, darling Fred treated me like a queen and my two kids, like a prince and princess. I fell for my king. We moved into the myth of happily-ever-after, a love story written in money, each chapter filled with ostentation— millionaire Fred showing off his financial success in excess. We married. Things changed.

Fred became Fuckface and spun a three-sixty, reining-horse spin, so fast and furious, I followed Alice through the looking glass and fell shattered— the black hole a never-ending spiral until rock-bottom slammed me into a zillion shards. I fell into a place impossible to put the cutting back or glue the hurt together.

Kill Fuckface. I woke to the homicidal thought. Snug under the bedcovers, I let the idea set, get comfortable. The pervert had violated My Girl. Nobody hurts my kids and gets away without retribution. Could I actually kill him though?… maybe I could just help Fuckface along to an accidental death.

When Fate hands Caitryn the opportunity for justice, she doesn’t hesitate.

Two Crow Omen ebook by CaligraphicsTwo Crow Omen

Just released in paperback and E-book on Amazon

A Bryn Sheridan Montana Romance: a novel with a dialogue driven plot, the way most of us live our lives. Our heroine wanders from one lover to another, and wonders if her latest is for real or just her past repeating itself and then of course trouble pulls up in the form of a red Corvette.

A red Corvette with a ‘STUD 4 U’ plate pulled up, a pretty boy got out, swaggered up the walk and stopped a few feet from me. He gave me a use-to-getting-his-way grin. Eyes glassy with drugs or drink, he said, ‘Howdy ma’am. I’m here to see Prita.’

John Boy stood about five-seven until I saw the two-inch heels on his boots. Ah, hah. A clue to the red cock-car, a short man’s penis extension.
I said, ‘Not today.’

‘Why not?’
‘Because she doesn’t want to talk to you.’
‘I’d like to hear her say that… Maa‘aam…. She’s carrying my son so now go tell my Indian Princess I’m here.’
‘Listen John Boy. Just what part of no don’t you understand?’
He put his hands on his hips. ‘And just who do you think you are talking to…. ? Now ya‘all go  get the little cunt…,’ he spat and stepped forward. ‘Get outta my way bitch.’

‘Hold up, John Boy.’ I pulled my pistol out from the back of my jeans.
He said, ‘You’re not gonna shoot me.’

‘No, not you.’ I pointed the gun and fired into the flank of his red Corvette.

Barbwire Haywire ebook coverComing out eventually: Barbwire Haywire

A Shiv Sheehan Montana Romance, Book 2

The Shiv Sheehan, Montana Romance continues with a sequel to Belt Buckle Bunny. Our heroine’s life takes a dramatic turn when her never-before, talked about husband, Johnny Jenkins shows up.

Like Shiv admits, when she first met Johnny Jenkins, she  believed a prince had kissed her until she fell into his poisonous underworld seductions, his insidious toxins seeping beneath her milky white skin. After becoming Johnny’s scapegoat and made to pay a heavy penance, she realizes the aptness of his detestable nickname ‘Toad’.

Fool her once, yes. Fool her twice, not this cowgirl.

So when Toad Jenkins unexpectedly shows up in Haywire, she calls on her power totem Rattlesnake for help as her relationship with the bullrider Brian Ramsey implodes. At this unexpected turn of events, Skinny Bowen and Keith Loney, Shiv’s two rocking-chair critiquers, take opposite sides, and the town becomes too small to contain all the emotional repercussions.

Praises for Kyle’s Novels:

Belt Buckle Bunny is smart, sassy and WAY sexy. The story is also beautifully true to Montana! I’m looking forward to reading Kyle’s next brave book.                                    Kelly B., Montana

I think you are an outstanding writer for a lot of females. It was an absolute delight to read Black Iron Brandy and I did not want your story to end. The involvement I had with Cat felt personal and I found myself cheering her on. Go Cowgirl!! Wahoo!!!               Lorna Messerly, Organic Gardner, Bigfork, Montana

Hey Kyle, just want to let you know that I started reading your book Black Iron Brandy and I’m hooked! Love it! Kyle, you’re amazingly funny!!! I bought your other book, too, Belt Buckle Bunny, and so did Eileen! Yay!!! Both of us are really enjoying the beginning of this story. One of our guests at the spa here ask about your book and I encouraged her to buy it, too. She thinks of herself as a novelist and I went on and on about you. Anyways, I’d better get back to your book. Gene’s interested to read it after I’m done! So far, thanks for the good read my friend! Annie❤                                                          Andreluz Gudmundson, Owner of Spa Hot Springs Hotel, Montana

Intrigued by meeting and knowing Kyle Morrow, I read Black Iron Brandy. This wonderfully funny, well written narrative is a must read ‘for the good folks left here in Montana’ by a highly educated and well-traveled author. Kyle’s real life personality shines through as Caitlyn, depicting her humor as ‘a liberal redneck hick with intellectual tendencies’. A toast to Kyle and to ‘Montana justice and common sense to work out in a fair and equitable way for the decent folk— the social mores that make living here a fine place to warm the soul and keep the heart happy’.                             Jeanie Heyder, VA Research Editor, White Sulphur Springs, Montana

I bought Belt Buckle Bunny and found it well written. The humorous characters and the story line make it a must-read. Cannot wait to move on to her next book.                      Steve Theisen, Great Falls, Montana

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  1. “Belt Buckle Bunny” is smart, sassy and WAY sexy. The story is also beautifully true to Montana! I’m looking forward to reading Kyle’s next brave book.


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